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We know the most varied technologies on the market, even those in the experimental phase. We choose the most suitable one based on the project to be developed. RFID,NFC,BLE Passivo,BLE Attivo,LTE-M,NB-IoT,Sigfox,LoRaWAN,Zigbee

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Industry 4.0

Are you an international industrial company? Are you a small agricultural producer? No matter how big your company is or what your reference sector is, our Smart Factory will be by your side to choose the best technologies that will guide you towards change. All solutions are easily integrated into your processes. We are aware that digitizing means introducing technological and organizational changes, but DigiPax will be constantly by your side in the transformation process. We don't need to explain the ROI that digitization processes will bring to your business, that's enough Google.

Trust Service, Supply Chain Management, Toyota Production System, Fleet Management System, Safety at work, Home automation, Anti-counterfeiting, Cold chain, Environmental temperature control, these and many other solutions to respond to the complexities of your processes.

Our solutions

Technologies in detail

We develop solutions oriented to logistics and production management based on technologies such as RFID, NFC, UWB or BLE. As for the world of traceability; and anti-counterfeiting we have developed a patented solution that exploits NFC and RFID technologies and the brand new technology based on passive BLE that allows us to work on metals and liquids or to manage the control of the climatic temperature in real time (case studies useful to the world of digital agriculture). We have indoor and outdoor location solutions based on BLE, LTE-M, NB-IoT, Sigfox or LoRaWAN and solutions for vehicle location (with tachograph data saving) and/or ADAS systems.

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