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Mastercheck is the mobile solution that allows you to autonomously transform everything you manage on paper into digital form and to optimize time and costs in managing activities. It allows your team to acquire specific data in inspections, collect photos/videos/audio, define areas for improvement, carry out preliminary remote inspections (e.g. customer assistance), manage critical issues through the use of specific alarms that the system sends to the send to The occurrence of certain conditions that you can set and manage independently.

The system is manageable through a web portal where you can independently create your checklists, assign them to staff, check anomalies, take mitigating actions and manage alarms.

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Jobsafer - Job security

Jobsafer is a patented control system that interacts between the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the smartphone of the wearer and the company or site safety manager. A device that uses sensors applied to gloves, goggles, helmets and all PPE that communicate with smartphones to ensure that each stage of processing takes place in complete safety. The system, if desired, is able to certify that over the years employees have actually used and worn the PPE provided for the various work phases, all to have a tool to be used in the event of occupational diseases.

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Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System

Through our software and our devices for the management of a fleet, you can keep costs under control, increase operational efficiency, monitor fuel consumption and therefore avoid theft, set alarms on theft of vehicles or vehicle trailers, always be updated on the maintenance status and therefore foresee any faults. You will also be able to know the real-time position of each individual vehicle, the routes traveled and from there apply transport optimization logics, as well as knowing who is driving a particular vehicle.

Do you manage heavy vehicles? No problem, we also take care of those and you can take advantage of our Tachograph data recovery system to carry out the various legal procedures directly remotely. You want to install ADAS systems as required by law, call us and you can count on highly qualified staff and partners in the sector on these and all issues concerning fleet management.

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Supply Chain Management

The process that allows a product or service to be brought to market, transferring it from the supplier to the customer is a complex process that involves several parties and several suppliers. Having complete control of the supply chain from start to finish is very complex but allowed to make the right investments, avoid overproduction and therefore stocks, optimize times and costs and know production problems at all times.

Thanks to our E-Kanban Lean Manufactoring software developed by Digipax, production will be simple and effective as you have never seen it before and, in case of problems, it is the system that warns you. To enhance your processes, we provide turnkey projects based on RFID and NFC technologies to accurately count, correct and track all individual items and cartons across the supply chain.

You deal with liquid materials or metals or you need to make the cold chain more efficient. We have all the most innovative technologies on the market to be able to solve these problems too.

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Supply Chain

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IoT and Home automation

DigiPax does not produce sensors or hardware and this in our view is an advantage for the customer as we have no interest in specifically selling a technology. The goal for us is to offer the most efficient and best performing solution with respect to the customer's needs. We can manage problems concerning water control, temperature management, home automation applications such as remote boiler control, we can vary on the field of application because we have a team and expert on the IoT world able to guide and support you in your choice. of the best applicable technology.

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Younivocal - Anticounterfeiting

We have created a system that can help you in cases of counterfeiting, traceability and customer loyalty.

Younivocal is an interactive, unique and not reproducible label that communicates with devices equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, now present in almost all smartphones and tablets, using a specific App. This label is associated to a certificate of Digital Signature and is therefore not falsifiable and not reproducible, becoming a real elettronic passport of product. It is very simple to use: just start the app, hold the device to the NFC product and read what appears on the display of your device.

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