Great innovations happen when people
aren't afraid to do something different than usual

- Georg Cantor -


We innovate

We like to create innovative services to help companies optimize processes, save time and money and digitize their activities. Innovating is the first rule to remain competitive. Manufacturing companies, Constructions, Factories, Fashion and Luxury

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All our solutions can be customized according to your needs. The systems are very modular and the customizations are easier to manage.

IoT and Automation

In addition to designing and developing IoT solutions, we are able to make our systems communicate with the automatic equipment within your company (eg hoists).

Home automation and sensors

We develop home automation projects and/or dedicated solutions with specific sensors (eg temperature control, water levels, etc.).


Everything that today is managed manually or in paper mode, we digitize to make it an automatic process with alarms and notifications for Quality Control.

Can't find what you need?

Given the variety of cases, it is likely that you will not find what you are looking for. We can start from scratch and develop the right solution for your needs.


We develop solutions that can be managed and monitored from all devices: PC, Smartphone, Tablet, in order to have control of your company with every tool.


We collaborate with the most important Italian companies for the "digital transformation" and develop services used by successful companies with an international dimension. We have the experience to help companies innovate their business, making the most of the potential of the digital revolution and new technologies.
We provide services with assistance 24/7 and we collaborate with the best industrial partners for sensors and IoT.
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